Church of St Francis of Assisi

Church Bulletin 14 December 2014


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Weekly Reflection

"I am not the Christ."

John 1:6-8. 19-28

The Third Sunday of Advent is known as Rejoice or Gaudate Sunday. This Sunday signifies the nearness of the coming of the Lord and presents a mini-break from the penitential character of Advent. The readings in this week's Gospel point towards rejoicing and the celebrant wears rose vestments to represent the joyous nature.

In this week's Gospel, John the Baptist defined his own role as supporting rather than the main actor. Whatever questions the Jews threw to him, he would reply "No" to them. He ended his answer with, "... and I am not fit to undo his sandal strap." 

John's humility is seen in this last sentence. He stands as one of the most powerful characters in the Bible and yet one of the most humble. He refused to take the spotlight and constantly and joyously anticipated the coming of the main actor - Jesus. He is one of the best cheerleaders that Jesus could ask for.

Have you been a cheerleader to someone recently? Lift others up just as John had lifted Israel in joyous anticipation of Jesus.